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Welcome to the First International Symposium Toward A Unified Science of Love
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Stefan Deutsch – Psychotherapist
Visionary and organizer of the Love Symposium
Founder of The Human Development Company and Impact On Hunger – both 501(c)3
Author of Love Decoded
Welcome - (estimated viewing time - 25:51)

Tiffany Field, Ph.D.
Director of the Touch Research Institute - University of Miami School of Medicine.
Professor of pediatrics, psychiatry and psychology at the University of Miami School of Medicine.
Published over 400 journal articles & 38 books – including TOUCH (MIT Press) and HEARTBREAK (xlibris)
Golden Goose Award from the American Academy of Science
Presentation - (estimated viewing time - 07:17)

Stefan Deutsch – Psychotherapist
Developer of the theory that ‘love is nourishment – like air, food and water’
Developer of The Continuum Theory© of Human Development
Undertaking a major clinical trial on stress and burn-out – Danbury Hospital, CT
Presentation - (estimated viewing time - 15:52)

Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph.D. and Harville Hendrix, Ph.D.
Created Imago Relationship Therapy as a couples therapy
Safe Conversations® a social experiment to raise the joy index of Dallas, TX
3 NYT best sellers -Getting the Love You Want, Keeping the Love You Find, and Giving the Love that Heals
Presentation - (estimated viewing time - 31:29)

Audience Questions for Tiffany, Helen and Harville, and Stefan
Q & A - (estimated viewing time - 19:28)

Ivel De Freitas, MD
Board Certified Internal Medicine and Functional Medicine practitioner
Founder and Medical Director of Leaf it Up Medspas – Hollywood, FL
Undertaking a major clinical trial on stress and burn-out – Danbury Hospital, CT
Presentation - (estimated viewing time - 14:46)
Q&A - (estimated viewing time - 03:16)

Agnieszka Jaworska, Ph.D.
Co-leader of the interdisciplinary Love and Human Agency Project – Templeton Foundation
Associate Professor of Philosophy at University of California, Riverside
The Department of Bioethics at the National Institutes of Health
Presentation - (estimated viewing time - 09:56)
Q&A - (estimated viewing time - 08:41)

Eva Kahana, Ph.D.
Distinguished University Professor, Robson Professor of Sociology, Nursing, Medicine and Applied Social Sciences
Director of the Elderly Care Research Center at Case Western Reserve University
Gerontological Society of America’s Distinguished Career Contribution Award
Presentation - (estimated viewing time - 13:29)
Q&A - (estimated viewing time - 04:54)

Eva Selhub, MD
Board Certified in Internal Medicine
Internationally recognized expert, physician, author, speaker and consultant in the fields of stress, resilience, mind-body medicine, integrative medicine.
Author of The Love Response and co-author of Your Brain on Nature
Clinical Associate of the world renowned Benson Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine
Presentation - (estimated viewing time - 20:54)
Q&A - (estimated viewing time - 10:29)

Jean Watson, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor, University of Colorado Denver, College of Nursing, Anschutz Medical Center
Founder and Director of non-profit foundation: Watson Caring Science Institute
11 Honorary Doctoral Degrees, including 8 International Honorary Doctorates
Murchinson-Scoville Chair in Caring Science, the nation’s first endowed chair in Caring Science
Presentation - (estimated viewing time - 14:22)
Q&A - (estimated viewing time - 09:00)

Marina Riemslagh, Ph.D.
Theology at the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium
Author of - No Stress Today with PSYCH-K. How to transform stress into vitality, peace and a stress-free fulfilling life.
PSYCH-K practitioner, psychiatric nurse, hospital chaplain, group counselor
Presentation - (estimated viewing time - 16:56)
Q&A - (estimated viewing time - 05:35)

Frederic Luskin, Ph.D.
Director of the Stanford University Forgiveness Projects
Department Chair in Clinical Psychology at Sofia University
Author of the best-selling book - Forgive for Good: A Proven Prescription for Health and Happiness
Presentation - (estimated viewing time - 26:51)

Kailen Rosenberg, Life and Love Coach
Starred in the award-winning “Lovetown, USA” on the Oprah Winfrey Network and BBC Worldwide.
Author of Real Love, Right Now: A 30-Day Blueprint for Finding Your Soul Mate And So Much More (Simon & Schuster).
Featured in over interviews, including Good Morning America, The Today Show, Cosmopolitan, CBS Radio, The Huffington Post, CNN
Presentation - (estimated viewing time - 10:20)
Q&A - (estimated viewing time - 05:25)

Report of the group discussions
What Does The Future Hold - (duration timings - 07:44:43 to 08:21:37 and 08:25:05 onwards)

If you are interested in receiving the final definition of LOVE which the symposium participants arrived at - sign up and send us an email requesting a copy of it.

Keynote Speakers

Harville Hunt Harville Hendrix, Ph.D.
Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph.D.
Jean Watson Dr. Jean Watson 
Eva Selhub Dr. Eva Selhub